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Asheville, North Carolina

August 17, 2016

Finding Ourselves in Asheville

December 2014


I love exploring new places with no real destination of where I am going to end up, and I especially love getting lost and driving around aimlessly until I end up where I am supposed to be. Sometimes you just need to escape your reality and go exploring whether it be a simple day trip, weekend trip or a week long trip.


Recently, I escaped my stressful reality of moving into a new place by making a spur of the moment decision to embark on a road trip to Asheville, North Caroline with two friends. There is nothing better than being in a different environment and having an endless amount of time to do the things that you never feel like you have the time to do.


We fell in love with Asheville and everything it had to offer after our first day there. I was sold on everything from the crisp mountain air to the beautiful mountain views and farm-to-table restaurants with a very chill and relaxed downtown area full of local breweries.

Our Air B&B hosts, Ariel and Sebastiaan (yes that was really their names, and no their dog was unfortunately not named Flounder) had the best recommendations for us and never led us to a bad place. Everywhere we ate was delicious and every brewery had its own fun and relaxed personality. And at the end of every day we got to escape the city area at their Historic Asheville Farmhouse  to see a sky full of stars and wake up to morning walks through the neighborhood with abandoned barns and corn fields.




What I love most about road trips is how spontaneous they are. It doesn’t matter what you end up doing and if you let things play out with out forcing anything you will have the most memorable experiences.







We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Photographs: Kathryn Tromba ( ), Alex Coury (AC Darko) , and Myself =) 

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