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Yoga Asanas

April 27, 2017

Yoga asanas are the postures you do in every yoga class. In Sanskrit, asana means posture held in stillness. A stillness where you are calm and can find a joy. Where there is no strain and no competition so you can open up to the joy in each breath. Where you are grounding yourself in the present moment with awareness focused on the subtle shifts of the body throughout the practice.

For me, my physical yoga practice is a moving meditation. Some days are harder than others, and I still struggle with comparing myself to someone next to me, but that’s why we call it practice. When I am connected to my breath and finding that stillness – where I can find joy, strength, and ease with every breath – I feel more confident in trusting myself; my intuition. I feel more balanced and at ease after practicing yoga because I have given myself the space to let go of what no longer serves me and the space to be present for whatever may arise.


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