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Sunset at the Tower of Bologna

May 28, 2017

On our second evening in Bologna, we ventured to the Tower of Bologna. There are two towers that are located in the heart of the city and are called the Two Towers of Bologna. These towers were built as a symbol of status and wealth, but they also served military purposes such as signaling the arrival of a potential enemy. The taller tower, at over 97 meters tall, is named the Asinelli Tower, after the family that paid for its construction. The smaller tower is about 50 meters tall and is called the Garisenda Tower.

We climbed the hundreds of stairs of the Asinelli Tower. It was a struggle but it was worth it. We were rewarded with breathtaking views overlooking the city at sunset. Once at the top everyone found their own window to gaze out over the city and take in the views from every angle.

Our guide for Bologna, and also the owner of the Kutir yoga studio, Pranev gave us a history lesson on the Two Towers of Bologna and how they are landmarks of the city. The Asinelli Tower we climbed used to be a prison and was utilized by the Italian army for WWII, and before that, it was used as a scientific testing post. The smaller Garisenda Tower used to be closer to 60 meters tall, but since it leans drastically to one side it had to be severed down to about 50 meters.

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