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A Wild Heart

July 25, 2017
Lively Swim with Megan Rae July 2017


The beach is one of my favorite places to be. I could spend all day playing out in the waves, hiding in my tent for shade, finding seashells, or letting my feet sink in the sand as the water rushes over them. It’s an even better day if I make it long enough to enjoy the golden hour and watch the sky be painted in shades of pink and purple. But, most of the suits I have been buying are not exactly the best for playing in the waves. The one suit that I have that does stay in place kind of makes me feel like a child and, with most people already thinking I am younger than I am I try to avoid things that make me look/feel like a kid. When LIVELY sent me this one piece to try I was so ecstatic. I love the design of the back and that the bottoms don’t turn into a thong after a few steps. This suit makes me feel comfortable at the beach and not feel like I have to worry if I am ever showing too much. I still felt sexy in this suit even though it is one I probably would have looked over before. But there is something about the comfort, style, and quality of this suit that has made me feel confident when I wear it.

LIVELY is “inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains” and when I read this I instantly thought “I have a wild heart and boss brain!” haha but really, I feel that most of my friends would also think that they have a wild heart and boss brain. It’s women with this mind set that empower others, live life doing the things and being around the people that bring Light into their lives. I love how LIVELY is blurring the lines of lingerie, active wear, and swim creating what they call Leisurée.

*Disclaimer LIVELY sent me the products for this post but all reviews and opinions are completely my own. 

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