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Summer Daze

July 9, 2017
GlobeIn Beach day

I’ve honestly been stuck in a rut about what to talk about for my posts lately. I’ve had the photos for this post ready for over a week but each time I open the page to write I hit a wall. I am still new to this blogging thing and honestly, it’s hard to think of things to talk about. I don’t want my post to just be about amazing products and companies I have come across. I want there to be meaning and a feeling of authenticity in my writing and what I share with you. In my everyday life, I am pretty introverted. I enjoy spending time by myself, I’m not the biggest fan of loud and overly crowded spaces and don’t always have a lot to say, so I am still finding the confidence to share what I do have to say.

  I started looking up all of the blogs and Instagram feeds that inspire me, searching for some inspiration for a post and for some direction. Through my searching, I stumbled across the blog Love Lulu by Jennifer Callahan. Love Lulu is an inspiring blog with life lessons, introspective questions and writing I genuinely enjoy reading. Her content is real and insightful, and her posts are ones that I aspire to be writing but, I feel that I haven’t really found my voice or the confidence in my writing to share all of those thoughts.

In one of her posts, Jennifer writes “…this blog is my attempt to find my voice and use it; to think about, get familiar with, challenge myself, better understand, and attempt to put into words what matters to me in the hopes that it will matter to someone else.” This is exactly what I want to do with my blog. I want to share and write about the things that inspire me, that touch me emotionally, make me ask questions that get me think a little bit deeper. I want to share and write about things that make me laugh, cry, and feel connected to something. There are so many things that I am always learning or wanting to learn about. Whether its life lessons, teachings from yoga, new DIY healthy recipes, blogging & photo editing, the list could really go on and on, and I want to share all of that with you.

So, bear with me while I still try to find my true direction and voice with this blog. It will grow as I do and I hope that my voice grows stronger the more I keep at it and continue to pull myself out of my comfort zone.

*Details from this beach day: I am in love with this swimsuit from Billabong Women’s and according to the Instagram comments I received, ya’ll do too. I had my eyes on this Desert Dream One Piece for about a month before finally purchasing it and it is my current favorite. The beach hat and blanket/shawl are from GlobeIn’s Refresh Box. Now, most sun hats that I want to purchase are around $50 but, this palm leaf hat which was hand woven by an 82-year-old woman named Abundia from Tomellín, Oaxaca, Mexico is only $25 and she is being paid double what she usually makes per hat by GlobeIn. I have been loving GlobeIn’s mission and impact since I found them a couple months ago. With every box, you receive a little booklet that tells you who made your items, where they came from, how your contribution affects their lives, and the progress they have made since working with GlobeIn.  I love knowing where the products I buy come from, to me, it gives them more meaning when I can tell the back story to an item and who it came from.

If you would like to try GlobeIn’s monthly subscription box, use my code MEGANRAE for $10 off your first three months or longer Club subscription.



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