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Moonlit Nighttime Routine

August 5, 2017

Moonlit Nightime Facial Oil


I’ve mentioned a couple of times recently that I have been cultivating a nighttime routine. I don’t exactly have a set routine, but there are a few things that I have really enjoyed doing in the evenings before bed. Currently, my favorite part of getting ready for bed is putting on my Moonlit Nighttime Facial Oil before settling into a meditation practice. Now nothing about my nightly routine is set in stone. I typically switch up some of these activities each evening, but the two things that I make sure to do each night are my nightly facial oil and meditation.
I have been loving my night time facial oil from moonlit skin care because not only do they have packaging that appeals to my love of all things constellation related, but they are also paraben free and full of good for you oils. Their facial oil has Ginseng to tone and brighten, Papaya to help with cell turnover, Green Tea to neutralize free radicals, Jojoba which is a moisturizing anti-bacterial oil, and Lavender to calm the nervous system. My favorite part is the lavender. The scent helps me relax into my meditation practice and helps puts me right to sleep! If you ever have trouble falling asleep like me putting lavender oil on your face and the soles of your feet really help with knocking you out.
By following Moonlit Skin Care on Instagram I have learned the importance of hydrating your skin at night since that is a time that moisture loss can occur. Our skin produces oil two times slower at night than during the day so hydration of our skin is key! I have always been one to use natural products on my skin, especially since I did Accutane in high school. Ever since that stage, I have been on the lookout for natural products to wash and hydrate my skin. Before I found Moonlit I would use my aunt’s Olive Oil to wash and hydrate my skin. But since she lives in Greece it is not always easy to get her amazing olive oil.

My Nighttime Routine:

1. Moonlit Facial Oil
2. Meditation: I use Calm daily for my nightly meditations

Rotation Nightly Routine: these are things that I don’t always do but try to invite into my nightly routine at least once a week if not more.
1. Face masks: I just bought Lorelle’s clay masks and Colleen bought origins charcoal mask and these have helped my skin out so much!
2. Bath Time: I LOVE bath time. I get lost in the relaxing aromas from my bath bombs and always mix Epson salt into any bath that I take. It’s so nice to have this time to treat and care for yourself.
3. Journaling or Reading: I love both of these so much. They have been a part of my nightly routine for a very long time even though I don’t always do them. Journaling is a great way for me to get my thoughts out of my head and into a place where I can view them realistically. I haven’t always had the best relationship with journaling because there has been a hidden fear of someone reading my intimate thoughts, but nonetheless, I still continue to write even when my privacy has been violated. Why? Because it helps me think straight and feel sane. I also LOVE reading. I always have multiple books on my bedside table and have grown up reading books to fall asleep even though half the time I’m so excited to figure out what is going to happen that I stay up even later than intended.

What is your night time routine? Do you resonate with any of my nightly traditions? I would love to hear what helps you fall asleep at night because I have a tendency to have trouble falling asleep and would love new ways to relax into sleep.

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