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The Perfect Summer Sweater with Wooden Ships

June 5, 2018

Want to know the best part about this sweater – besides the fact that it lets everyone know I’m a mermaid? It’s the fact that the founders of Wooden Ships, Paola and Mark, chose to embrace slow fashion by making every sweater per order. Meaning they don’t have a mass amount of these in their warehouse where materials could potentially be wasted but instead, they are mindfully made for you in Bali when you place your order. Paola & Mark care about how their knit sweaters are produced and about their employees so to be sure that their company would be fair and ethical they created a new company in Bali to produce their products. Since they own and operate this new factory they are able to go above and beyond for their employees through investing time in their workers with extensive training, opportunities for growth, and free health care. One interesting thing I learned through their bio is that traditionally knitting machines are operated by men but they initiated a program to provide jobs for women by training them to use the machines. Now, over 60% of their knitters are women!

There is just so much intention behind Paola and Mark’s company. You can see and feel the love and intention that is put into each piece and you can feel good wearing these sweaters knowing that you are supporting ethical fashion. Wooden Ships donates to multiple organizations which you can find listed in their “About Us” section on their website. If you scroll down more you will see that they are actively and working to minimize their carbon footprint by donating all yarn scraps to locals for stuffing pillows and dolls, recycling, composting organic material, and they are currently 85% powered by the sun through their solar panels! What’s amazing is they are striving to be zero waste and they are teaching their employees how they can take these practices home as well.

So other than how amazing the foundation of this company is, why do I love this sweater? Well for starters it’s knitted in one of my favorite colors and it lets the world know that I really am a mermaid, haha but really, this is going to be my go-to sunset/sunrise sweater until it cools down more. It is perfectly lightweight, just baggy enough to be casually tucked in or worn over your swimsuit, and it is pretty soft as well!

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