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Finding a Healthy Hustle

September 16, 2018

I’m often asked what I do which is shortly followed by a surprised face and a “wow, you do a little of everything… how do you manage?” And honestly, I am still figuring out how to manage all of the things without feeling overwhelmed.

Although my Instagram feed gives off a relaxed, carefree vibe full of beach and travel photos, those are just a highlight reel of a very busy lifestyle. If I were to average it out, I have about 5 jobs with 3 that stay the same, 2 that are quarterly, and a few others that are per contract but consistent throughout the year. A typical day for me starts with waking up around 6 am, getting into work by 7 am, maybe getting an hour at home after work before heading to teach yoga or create content. My main gig is a full-time job at my dad’s cabinet shop, Eastburn Woodworks where I run all of the social media marketing, help homeowners pick out the hardware for their home cabinetry, create videos of our custom kitchens, write articles about our work to be sent to local magazines, and I am a personal secretary. What I consider to be my second job is teaching yoga which I do about 3x a week and everything else I umbrella under my side-hustle, content creating, which varies from an extra 3-5 jobs depending on the season.

As a content creator, I am part photographer, videographer, copywriter, web developer, author, model, stylist, social media guru and I’m my own personal manager. At times, it feels as if I have no time which can become very draining and has encouraged me to rethink the work that I take on so that I can create a healthy hustle that I am proud of. So how exactly have I done that?

  1. Align with those that have similar values. This will make work so much more enjoyable when you’re supporting and working for a company that agrees with your values. For me this means that I look for brands who are trying to make a change in some way, perhaps they’re a sustainable brand or give back in some way.
  2. Remind yourself that you have time. You are ultimately in charge of your own schedule and you have the power to say no. I am having to remind myself that I have time daily and have found that filling out a big month view calendar really helps me stay on top of everything that is due. I also do something for myself daily whether it’s just a few extra moments in the morning snuggling my cat or spending a little extra time out at the beach before or after taking photos.
  3. Notice what brings you joy during your work day and reevaluate the things that bring you down. Sometimes in our jobs, we are stuck doing things that we dislike but that doesn’t mean we have to do those things forever. If you’re in this type of situation remind yourself that it is only temporary and keep in mind your dream job.
  4. Wear things that make you feel good. Now, this doesn’t mean buying a new outfit all the time but taking time to give yourself a moment to get ready can make a huge difference in your day. I know that for me, on the mornings that I am rushing out the door with no care of what I am wearing most of my day is a little negative and I don’t have high self-esteem because I just don’t feel good about how I look. Yet, on the mornings I give myself a little more time to mindfully chose what I am wearing I feel more confident and I am more comfortable. This translates into my daily hustle on how confident I am in my writing and in my pitches to companies I want to work with. Another way to think of this is you are dressing for what you think you’re worth.

These 4 simple actions help me stay semi-sane through my chaos. I would say I am the best at aligning with companies that have similar values and the worst at remembering that I have time. What do you do to find a healthy hustle? I would love to read your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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