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All About My Hair

January 9, 2019

I’ve been asked about my hair a lot lately so I figured it was time I write up a little blog post about it =)

Sometimes it feels weird that people come to me for advice when I really just started experimenting with my hair a year or so ago. Now, when I get these crazy ideas to try something new – and honestly they’re not even crazy ideas, they’re just something different for me – there is only one person I trust to touch my hair and that is Catherine Lupton Bridges from Montage Salon, aka Cathy. I have been going to Cathy for as long as I can remember. She does my hair, my sister’s, my mom’s and my amma’s hair. When my aunt and uncle lived here she cut and styled their hair as well… you could say the family LOVES Cathy and her salon.

Before & After of my most recent hair color:

So, Cathy did all of my prom & homecoming hair do’s, has seen me cry over my first short hair cut – which I now do every 4-5 years minus the tears. She did my first permanent wave in 2015, my first ever balayage hair color in February of 2018 which also involved trimming my first set of Barefoot Blonde hair extensions, and now, she did my first ever full head coloring which involved bleach this past December (2018). This isn’t to say I haven’t been to other hairdressers in my life, I allowed a cousin in Iceland to chop my hair above my shoulders in 2014 at her salon cause I really wanted something different but, other than that, other stylists have only trimmed my hair cause Cathy is my girl and it makes me nervous to do new things with my hair.

Now that I have colored my hair the way I take care of it has adjusted. Before, when I had never touched my roots with dye, my hair was always getting oily just after a day but now that it’s a bit dryer from all the coloring I am able to go longer between washes. My hairdresser Cathy has told me it is best to always have something to protect my hair from UV heat, to use purple shampoo for toning, and to prolong my washes to keep the color good. I am constantly changing up what products I use but right now the best blonde toning shampoo and conditioner in my opinion is Amika which you can find at Sephora. When I use that I will leave the shampoo in for a few minutes so that it can really do some toning work. My everyday shampoo changes every single time I go shopping. I like to switch things up and try new products but I always make sure they are sulfate free. 

After my shower my hair is always super knotted and tangled….like worse than ever before! I was using my go to hair oil but it really was not doing the job I needed it to. Thankfully I found The Good Stuff Leave-In Conditioners – well they found me really. When they reached out to work together I was ecstatic cause your girl needed some intense hydration to these locks…bleach is no freaking joke. My favorite right now is their Weightless Protection Mist No-rinse Conditioner which instantly softens all of the knots in my hair whether it’s toweled dried or wet. I also have really liked their Complete Repair Balm No-Rinse Conditioner but use the weightless spray more. 


If you have any questions let me know! This is my first time writing about my hair so I am open to any questions and will answer to the best of my ability. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Cathy at Montage you can reach her at 850-208-1331

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