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#LiveThoughtfully with Threads 4 Thought

April 3, 2019

Do you think about where your clothes are coming from? How they are manufactured and how that affects the world we live in? Honestly, these questions used to be the last thing on my mind when deciding which brands to purchase from but now, I dive into the about section of every brand. Why? Because every purchase is a vote and each time we purchase from a brand making strides towards more ethical standards we are telling them that we support their values and want them to succeed.

When I started receiving Threads 4 Thought in my Yoga Club Boxes I was intrigued about this new brand. Their leggings fit me oh so perfectly and they were sending me the cutest styles. So I of course went to see what they were all about and learned that sustainability was at the forefront of all of their decisions. With their taglines of #LiveThoughtfully and #WearThoughtfully as well as their brand name Threads 4 Thought it is pretty clear that mindful manufacturing with consideration to their impact on our environment is in their thoughts every step of the way. Not to mention each purchase goes towards in-need communities around the world through their partnership with the International Rescue Committee… talk about a mindful company!

If you dive in a little more on their about section you will learn that Threads 4 Thought uses untreated, non-GMO organic cotton along with recycled polyester and lenzing modal for their clothing. Using these sustainable fibers means Threads 4 Thought uses less energy and emits less carbon by-product to manufacture their clothing than standard polyester. And as you scroll down a little further you’ll realize the company just keeps taking the extra step by not only caring about what makes up the items you wear but also where these products are being manufactured. “Threads 4 Thought is committed to working exclusively with factories that hold the highest industrial certifications, ensuring they keep to only the most rigorous of ethical standards.”

What I admire most about Threads 4 Thought is that they are always taking that extra step. They go beyond just producing ethical athleisure wear by encouraging their customers to live mindfully – or thoughtfully – in their everyday decisions.

Wearing Threads 4 Thought New Arrivals: Gray Alice Top ,Sonata Claire High Waist 7/8 Leggings  and the matching bra to the Claire Leggings (not shown in photos)

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