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Yoga with Megan Rae

Join me virtually on Zoom for live classes! 

I am currently working on building a new schedule for live yoga classes through Zoom. There will be an on-demand option coming soon as I upload our recorded classes.

wheel pose on the beach at sunset


In Sanskrit, yoga translates to mean ‘union’, ‘connection’ or ‘to unite’. Yoga is a state of connection and set of techniques and lessons to help us to be more aware everything, including ourselves.  When we practice connecting consciously we begin the journey of self-discovery


Practicing yoga can bring mindfulness into your everyday life when you start to take what you have learned on your mat and incorporate it into everyday situations. By uniting the body and mind, and becoming more aware of how you react to things you can begin to notice how you are treating others, how you are treating yourself.

Studio Etiquette

When going to the studio or gym for a yoga class be considerate of other students by showing up about 10 minutes early, setting your phone to silent – or better yet, turn it off – and be sure to take your shoes off before walking onto the studio floor. More Tips coming soon…


Supporting those that support you is what a community is all about. My yoga community is full of local and longer distant people who are open-hearted and there to encourage me on this path of self-discovery and awareness. Check out your local studio and become active in your community!

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